Reviewing Rhythm – Block-A-Thon

I’m still on vacation and taking the opportunity to plan for the fall term! Managed to create couple games for group lessons and also assign some repertoires for the upcoming Multi-Piano concert! Here’s a board game I’ve created called Block-A-Thon and yes, you can definitely use it review note values. It’s a simple and quick game to help reinforce note values and names for early elementary students . Students will take turn to draw one card from the pile and move their game piece to the corresponding note. For example, if they draw (Half Note), they can move their game piece to the next closest Half Note OR if they draw (2 beats), they can move their game piece to the note that has 2 beats. You get the idea. Just use any game piece from Monopoly or from any board games you have available on hand. Hope your students enjoy playing this fun, simple game!