Treble C, D, E Notes

Sometimes I find that introducing note names to students are a little more effective with extra worksheets, like naming and writing notes. Here’s the first worksheet that focuses on treble clef C, D and E notes. And yes, using flashcards as well as apps on iPhone and iPad do help as well. Some note reading apps that my students have particularly enjoyed playing (and I get the extra note drill in without them realizing) includes Flash Note Derby, Note Rush and Treble Works. Do you have any additional favorites to share?

Treble Notes – C_D_E

Treble C_D_E Notes


Working on intervals – Part 1 (Steps)

Note reading is important but what can get my students to read even quicker? It’s the recognition of intervals – especially the steps and skips for beginners. In order for them to quickly identify those intervals, I have created additional worksheets just for them! This part 1 focus on steps (2nd). Hope you will find it useful for your students as well. Enjoy!

Step_Skip Worksheet 1

Step_Skip Worksheet 1